Time Management for the Overextended Professional

Learn how to make the most of your time by getting a grip on your workflow and office space, using your planner effectively, and delegating wisely to other people.

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What to delegate and how to delegate well because you need to spend your time on what's most valuable!

How to better organize yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency.

How to manage your workload so that you can get the most important things done and really move the needle!

Paris gave me insight in areas I have found to be challenging for me for a very long time. It was interesting, in that much of what she shared were things I was already aware of, and at the same time, hearing Paris articulate it, along with the ideas she shared to assist me with moving through and beyond the issues; I cannot explain how excited and empowered I feel as a result of the session. I have already gone to work, implementing much needed changes. All I can say is “every day and in every way, I am getting better and better”! Paris, thanks again!

Melanie Sahara


Thanks for a SUPER job. Lots of great information and it was well received by all. You are terrific!!!! Your never-ending energy and talent fascinate me…You are wonderful!

Sandy P


NOW is the time to invest in organizing your life!

Eliminate stress and organize yourself and your workspace to achieve maximum efficiency

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