Time Management Books

Timely Tips For Productivity

Did you ever notice that the busiest people seem to have time to take on other tasks?

Twelve Months Filled with Helpful Tips and Solutions Trying to accomplish more is not a new issue. We are not the only people who wish for more hours in the day.

But just how does one make every moment count? How do you maximize productivity? There’s not just one answer.


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How to Maximize 24 Hours and Get More Done Effortlessly

This book gives you insider secrets to controlling your time and organization. 

The book is divided into five sng helpful tips and solutions for maximizing your time so you get more done effortlessly. You will also find advice from several productivity experts sprinkled throughout.


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Time's Up

Productivity and Time Management Strategies for the Busy College Professor

Time's Up will increase your productivity and help you maintain a work/life balance. This book is designed to help you increase your efficiency, manage your time and get organized.

Just saying you want something in your life isn’t enough, even in the world of the law of attraction. 

But the actual practice of mindset is about thinking AND doing so you are using your many strengths and talents to reach your goal.


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The purpose of this book is to provide support and inspiration to individuals navigating the complex and often overwhelming process of dealing with losing a loved one.  

My purpose here is to: 

  • Provide Heartfelt Support
  • Offer Practical Strategies
  • Foster a Sense of Hope 
  • Managing the Grieving Process 
  • Empower Readers  
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Growing Pains

Sex, Lies, & Deception

Though they are older and wiser, not all is as it seems in the lives of Darren, Kiki, and Myra. Best friends to the end, they still have some lessons to learn.

In this second book in the Growing Pains series, the group struggles with betrayal, loss, and, most importantly, commitment.



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Growing Pains

Growing Pains is a story about best friends searching for true love.

Kiki is a naïve young lady who falls madly in love, but all is not as it seems.

Myra has planned her entire life right down to the wedding ceremony, yet she struggles with finding Mr. Right.

Darren wants to have his cake and eat it too, until it blows up in his face. Through good times and bad, they try to stay afloat and ahead of the game.


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Collaborative Books

A Woman’s Journey

Stories of Substance, Survival, and Success

This anthology is a collaborative effort to give a voice to remarkable women who have struggled with pain, sorrow, disappointment, and life challenges. Yet, they can stand in their power and stay focused on their dreams and desires.


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Women Who Choose Change

52 Affirmations to Spark Change and Pursue Happiness

"52 Affirmations to Spark Change and Pursue Happiness" was birthed out of therapy, hardships, and life experiences. During the rocky roads, we had to throw up our hands and say enough is enough. We decided to end the pity parties and change our thought processes. We learned that our mindset changes our entire life journey.


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