Focused on helping overextended professionals

overcome barriers caused by disorganization

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Paris Love Productivity Institute

We offer an organizational efficiency plan (OEP) catered specifically to your needs. - This is an expert evaluation that brings fresh eyes, combined with years of experience and proven techniques into your organization.

The OEP allows us to work side-by-side with you and your team to ascertain those problem areas. 


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  • Learn how to plan and schedule your time efficiently to avoid getting stuck in non-revenue generating activities
  • Learn what to delegate and how to delegate well so you can focus on revenue generating tasks
  • Take control of things that can derail your workplace productivity and more

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Time Management for the Overextended Professional

The course is self-paced course with videos, modules, assessments, exercises, and case studies that will aid you in organizing yourself and your workspace so you obtain peak efficiency in your workday.

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What People Are Saying

Ashley Brailsford

Our Joyful Learning Community, Founder

The calendar helped me to see how I was spending my time each day and to be more intentional about planning where my time was going.

Melanie Sahara

Life & Financial Specialist

Paris gave me insight in areas I have found to be challenging for me for a very long time. It was interesting, in that much of what she shared were things I was already aware of, and at the same time, hearing Paris articulate it, along with the ideas she shared to assist me with moving through and beyond the issues; I cannot explain how excited and empowered I feel as a result of the session. I have already gone to work, implementing much needed changes. All I can say is “every day and in every way, I am getting better and better”! Paris, thanks again!

Sandy P

Past President Sbnc, Gulf Shores, Al

Thanks for a SUPER job. Lots of great information and it was well received by all. You are terrific!!!! Your never-ending energy and talent fascinate me…You are wonderful!

Who is Dr. Paris Love?

Paris Love, CEO of the Paris Love Productivity Institute, LLC., helping overwhelmed professionals breakthrough the barriers keeping them disorganized, disoriented, and dissatisfied with their life/business/career. Love has a tremendous talent for bringing order to chaos, providing her clients with streamlined, efficient, manageable approaches to running their lives and businesses.

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Email: [email protected]