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The Paris Love Productivity Institute is a full-service productivity and organizational firm providing services to overextended professionals who struggle with disorganization, productivity, and managing daily tasks. We help them do the things they always talk about but never get around to doing. 

Our clients work at Fortune 250 financial companies, government entities, real estate firms, and educational institutions and are small service-based businesses, military veterans and stay-at-home parents. 

The Paris Love Productivity Institute's foundation and culture are built on: creating non-judgmental experiences, empowering people to live authentically, and inspiring them to love an organized, productive, and clutter-free life.

How we help our corporate clients: On average, we increase staff engagement and productivity by 30% and assist with the retention and accountability of their workforce.  


The Process

We offer an organizational efficiency plan (OEP). This expert evaluation brings fresh eyes, years of experience, and proven techniques into our client’s organization.

Step 1: Starts with a phone call or Zoom session to discuss your organization's needs. 

Step 2: We will travel to you, and here is where the work begins.*

Step 3: We work individually or in a group setting to ensure your employees maximize their time efficiency. We will assign one of our in-house coaches or organizers to work directly with you and your team.

*Our typical on-site sessions can range from one day up to seven days, depending on your needs and the size of your team. Our services are based on a day rate or packages for longer projects. 

 How we help everyday people: We decrease their stress levels, improve productivity in their daily activities, and minimize distractions. We act as their body double so they have a clear plan, structured systems, and organized surroundings.

Our Method

Our method is simple. You can use the method to declutter mental, emotional, and physical clutter. We often think of physical clutter, but let's not forget the mental and emotional aspects. 

Our goal is for you to be more efficient and productive throughout the day. Clutter can hinder your productivity. 

The P.A.R.I.S Method

Step 1: Purge (We purge items that no longer serve us). 
Step 2: Assign (Everything should and will have a home).
Step 3: Retain (You keep only the items you need and love).
Step 4: Invest (You have invested in yourself and asked for help).
Step 5: Simplify (Keep it simple).


*Our services are based on  packages. We don't do cookie cutter, we will design a package to meet your needs precisely. 

What Clients Are Saying

Anna Shnayder

Although I entered this journey with much anxiety and hesitation, I came out a completely new, revived, determined, confident, re-energized, motivated to be present, do more for myself and my well-being, and determined to succeed.

 Your energy is contagious! Your wisdom is unstoppable! Working with you made me uncover my full potential and transform my life in so many positive ways. I am beyond grateful to you and your talents.

Melanie Sahara

Life & Financial Specialist

Paris gave me insight in areas I have found to be challenging for me for a very long time. It was interesting, in that much of what she shared were things I was already aware of, and at the same time, hearing Paris articulate it, along with the ideas she shared to assist me with moving through and beyond the issues.

I cannot explain how excited and empowered I feel as a result of the session. I have already gone to work, implementing much needed changes. All I can say is “every day and in every way, I am getting better and better”! Paris, thanks again!

Andi Willis

Personal Photo Organizer

Working with Paris has not only increased my confidence and made me more forward-thinking. I have also seen a huge jump in my number of clients and my income. My business experienced a¬†25% increase in clients¬†along with a¬†100% increase in profits. The numbers don‚Äôt lie. Paris is a fabulous motivator with insights and techniques that made me love my business again.¬† Thanks, Paris!‚Ä̬† ¬†



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Team Paris

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Who is Dr. Paris Love?

Paris Love, CEO of the Paris Love Productivity Institute, LLC., helps overwhelmed professionals break through the barriers keeping them disorganized, disoriented, and dissatisfied with their life/business/career. Dr. Paris has a tremendous talent for bringing order to chaos, providing her clients with streamlined, efficient, manageable approaches to running their lives and businesses.

Phone: (770) 722-2748
Email:¬†[email protected]